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Nancy H Gardner

Quirky. 2 years off the ganja.
Free as a bird.
London I love my camera and to draw. I change my hair alot. Im not typically typical. This is me. My blog. My rules. Dont like? Dont follow. Questions get answers. Smiling helps. Karma is a bitch. I want to escape & I dont give a fuck. Photobucket

Anonymous said: You should tell her, honestly I don't think anyone in their right mind couldn't want you back, I've met you once nancy but I've honestly thought since you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I never do these anon messages just no confidence to let you know who I am! Have a sick Friday night x

She knows how I feel, I dont believe in forcing things tbh. Just say what you mean and see what happens, if its meant to be it will be! And thats really nice so thankyou, I would like to know who you are tho, 1 just out of curiosity and 2 because you are really sweet and we should deffo chill!

Anonymous said: Is the girl you're in love with someone you know well/see regularly ? If this girl knows you love her, why isn't she with you? You're beautiful!! .

Funny u ask of her actually, i saw her last night and its confusing, when she talks i just want her to be mine, when she walks away i just want her to come back. But when shes not there i dont pine for her, or wish i had her. I guess she doesnt take me seriously or something, i dont really know tbh!

Anonymous said: got a bit excited with the t's. finally, when will you let me be your lesbian wife, i will cook you good food, kiss your forehead, i will be sweet to you but when you want me to- i will make you moan..

What about t’s? And ermmm i would judge that solely on your personality and looks! And right now you have a grey face and are kinda creepy! Im in love with a girl already, i have been for years! And i wouldnt settle for any less then her tbh!

You guys havent seen me in a while so thought id do a face update!

what film is this please?

what film is this please?

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