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Television is way ahead of film because it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women. Male writers either want to make women the angel or the whore. Women are more complex than that.

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Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

Previously: Artist Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

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Ive not been on tumblr for forever so here I am. Old.

Ive not been on tumblr for forever so here I am. Old.

So Ive come to terms with the fact that I’m probably going to start blogging again. But I mean real blogging. like, writing stuff, like grownups have to do. And ill probably be shit at it, and ramble on, and offend everyone. But I’m going to have to come to terms with being eloquently written again at some point. Like, I hear paperwork is this big thing when youre older. So, im practising.

Anonymous said: You should tell her, honestly I don't think anyone in their right mind couldn't want you back, I've met you once nancy but I've honestly thought since you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I never do these anon messages just no confidence to let you know who I am! Have a sick Friday night x

She knows how I feel, I dont believe in forcing things tbh. Just say what you mean and see what happens, if its meant to be it will be! And thats really nice so thankyou, I would like to know who you are tho, 1 just out of curiosity and 2 because you are really sweet and we should deffo chill!

Anonymous said: Is the girl you're in love with someone you know well/see regularly ? If this girl knows you love her, why isn't she with you? You're beautiful!! .

Funny u ask of her actually, i saw her last night and its confusing, when she talks i just want her to be mine, when she walks away i just want her to come back. But when shes not there i dont pine for her, or wish i had her. I guess she doesnt take me seriously or something, i dont really know tbh!

Anonymous said: got a bit excited with the t's. finally, when will you let me be your lesbian wife, i will cook you good food, kiss your forehead, i will be sweet to you but when you want me to- i will make you moan..

What about t’s? And ermmm i would judge that solely on your personality and looks! And right now you have a grey face and are kinda creepy! Im in love with a girl already, i have been for years! And i wouldnt settle for any less then her tbh!

You guys havent seen me in a while so thought id do a face update!